Sub-Saharan Africa



Zimbabwe hosts first British trade delegation in ‘Twenty Years’

Agence France Press

29 October 2014


Ben Freeth speaks about his fight for justice in Zimbabwe

The Institute of World Politics

27 October 2014




Côte d’Ivoire: People Displaced by Conflict Face Land Theft

Human Rights Watch 

10 October 2013


Zimbabwean Farmers Deserve Justice for Seized Land

Drew F. Cohen

US News & World Report

9 October 2013


With Benin Kingdom Gallery, U.S. Museum Legitimises Possession of Controversial Artefacts

Tajudeen Sowole

The Guardian Nigeria

4 October 2013


Will Nigeria Finally Raise Restitution of Benin Artefacts?

Kwame Opoku

Eurasia Review

21 September 2013


“Shares for farmworkers” plan expropriation by another name

Pieter Groenewald


24 September 2013


Ownership and property – where is SA headed?


23 August 2013


Rebels Desecrate Church in Central African Republic


22 August 2013


Zimbabwe’s Mugabe: Black empowerment tops agenda

Angus Shaw

Associated Press

13 August 2013


A Victorious Mugabe Pushes Ahead with Nationalization of Foreign Mines

Michael Teague


6 August 2013


Africa: Where Are the 400 Benin Bronzes?

Kwame Opoku


27 June 2013


In jeopardy: Future of white South Africans

Alex Newman


15 June 2013


Bills threaten the property rights of all South Africans

Anthea Jeffery


10 June 2013


Central African Republic: Bishops rebuke new president, demand restitution of stolen property

Catholic World News

7 May 2013


Mugabe threatens expropriation of foreign mining assets

Geoffrey York

Globe and Mail

24 April 2013




Grabbing at Solutions: Water for the Hungry First

Sandra Postel

National Geographic

14 December 2012


Approval of Office of the Valuer-General welcomed

SA Commercial Prop News

14 November 2012


South Africa police believe they’ve found four stolen works of art

Robyn Dixon

Los Angeles Times

13 November 2012


‘Top SA artist behind R17.5m theft’

Karabo Ngoepe

IOL News

13 November 2012


Art Robbers Ditch Their Most Valuable Stolen Painting

Emma O’Connor


13 November 2012


South Africa police hunt Pretoria Art Museum thieves

BBC News

12 November 2012


Zimbabwe: Case for compensating white farmers

Addmore Zhou

New Zimbabwe

9 November 2012


Agri SA takes minerals claim to ConCourt

IOL News

7 November 2012


Ahead of 2013 show of looted Benin artefacts, U.S. museum plots legitimacy

The Guardian Nigeria

Tajudeen Sowole

28 September 2012


Nigeria: A Tale of Unvalued Treasures

This Day

9 September 2012


Demolition: Property owners demand compensation from Lagos govt

Nigerian Tribune

10 August 2012


‘NCMM is pursuing restitution of looted works wrongly’

Kabir Alabi Garba

The Guardian Nigeria

3 August 2012


Land claims cash ‘was not frittered away’

Carol Paton

Business Day

25 July 2012


Zimbabwe to withhold compensation to white farmers

24 July 2012


Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts Urged to Return Looted Artifacts to Nigeria

Huffington Post

20 July 2012


Land is not a Utopia for the dispossessed

Bernadette Atuahene

Mail & Guardian

12 July 2012


Bid for Mugabe to face ICC prosecution

Lance Guma

Zimbabwe Mail

29 May 2012


South African Union Calls for Nationalization, Business Day Says

Steve Gunnion


18 May 2012


Zimbabwe says it now ‘owns’ 51% of foreign miners

Nelson Banya

Business Day

5 April 2012


Wish you were mine: African governments are seeking higher rents and bigger ownership stakes from foreign miners

The Economist

11 February 2012




Nationalisation in South Africa: A debate that will persist

The Economist

3 December 2011

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