Mastrapa Consultants has worked with clients documenting and researching historical ownership of apartment and office buildings, bodegas, cattle ranches, farms, hotels, mines, residences, restaurants and sugar mills confiscated by Cuba’s revolutionary regime. We work with a team of researchers and certified translators to locate and compile available documentation that will support future claims. Our work is largely based on the information demanded of claimants around the world to recover their confiscated properties, but with special consideration for Cuba’s national peculiarities.


Mastrapa Consultants’ position is that the best approach to property claims is organization, planning and preparation today in case historical owners and their heirs can claim tomorrow. We treat all client information as confidential. We WILL NOT create a registry of claims and property with client records and files.




Property claims consultation

Research and documentation


Speaking engagements

English and Spanish translation


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*Mastrapa Consultants is not a law office and does not provide legal services.

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