North Africa and the Near East



With sledgehammer, Islamic State smashes Iraqi history


Isabel Coles and Saif Hameed

26 February 2015




The Race against ISIS: Efforts to Preserve Ancient Christian Culture in the Middle East

Amal Marogy

Hudson Institute 

2 December 2014


Denied land access, Palestinians miss land harvest 

Sarah Benhaida

Associated Press

29 October 2014


ISIS Cashes in on Antiques from Shrines Destroyed in Iraq and Syria

Mary Chastain


28 October 2014


Germany attracts trade in looted artifacts

Deutsche Welle

24 October 2014


Returning Stolen Assets: Current Issues and Future Challenges for the International Community

Center for Strategic & International Studies

24 October 2014


America isn’t doing much to stop a booming trade in looted Syrian art

T.J. Raphael

Public Radio International

19 October 2014


ISIS tags Christian homes in Mosul for confiscation as Christians flee

Catherine Harmon

The Catholic World Report

21 July 2014 


Egypt fights looters stealing its antiquities with spacecraft and statecraft

Katherine Boyle

The Washington Post

17 May 2014


Syria cultural heritage in peril from war, looting 

Global Post

12 March 2014


Campaigners say art is ‘forgotten victim’ in Syria


11 February 2014


Looted Iraqi museum hopes to reopen, minus many relics

Alexander Dziadosz

The Daily Star

17 January 2014




French officials return Egyptian antiquities looted after Arab Spring

Gareth Harris

The Art Newspaper

24 December 2013


US Bishops protest against demolition of Church property in Holy Land

Independent Catholic News 

8 December 2013


Algeria’s Steel Giant to be De-Facto Nationalized 

The North Africa Post

7 November 2013


Ancient Persian Artifact Returns Home

Philadelphia News

9 October 2013


To protect Syria’s antiquities – don’t buy them

Erin Thompson

Los Angeles Times

28 September 2013


Engaging private eyes to track art thefts

Kate Taylor & Lorne Manly

Deccan Herald

28 September 2013


Syria’s other toll: cultural gems stolen, looted 

France 24

26 September 2013


As War Rages in Syria, Efforts are Made to Save Culture

Carla Babb

Voice of America

25 September 2013


Emergency red list of at-risk Syrian artefacts released

Julia Halperin

The Art Newspaper

25 September 2013


Seizing Iran’s Slice of Fifth Avenue

Julie Satow

New York Times

24 September 2013


Ransacked Egyptian museum recovers more looted works

Julia Halperin

The Art Newspaper

23 September 2013


Egyptians tweet to save their heritage from looting

Garry Shaw

The Art Newspaper 

5 September 2013


Syria’s Rich Archaeological Treasures Imperiled by Civil War

Tia Ghose 


4 September 2013


Heritage and the Syrian crisis

David Tresilian

Al-Ahram Weekly

4 September 2013


History goes up in smoke at sacked Egyptian museum

Mohamad Ali Harissi

The Daily Star

3 September 2013


Egypt’s Mallawi Museum ransacked

Julia Halperin

The Art Newspaper 

21 August 2013


Egyptian antiquities looted, damages in unrest, reports say

David Ng

Los Angeles Times

21 August 2013


British Museum and archeologist confirm identity of stolen Egyptian artefact

Amer Sultan

Ahram Online

9 August 2013


UNESCO warns Syrian heritage sites endangered

Suy Se

Art Daily

25 June 2013


Catastrophe! Ten Years Later: The Looting and destruction of Iraq’s past at the Royal Ontario Museum

Art Daily

25 June 2013


The art of civil war

World News Australia

10 May 2013


Nationalization Drive failing in Qatar

Muhammad Waqas

Arabian Gazette 

5 May 2013


For Sale – A Gently Used Bentley: Tunisian Dictator’s Luxury Items Go Up For Auction

PRI’s The World

22 February 2013


Teetering Tunisia selling off a dictator’s loot

Sasa Petricic


20 February 2013


Eighteen ancient Odyssey mosaics stolen in Syria

The Daily Star

18 February 2013




Christie’s thwarts plot to sell Libyan antiquities for Dubai auction

Colin Simpson

The National

22 October 2012


At the Rose: Christian Arab artist explores life in Israel

Chris Bergeron

MetroWest Daily News

11 October 2012


Cairo’s Egyptian Museum After the Looting

Jean Newman Glock

Huffington Post

26 September 2012


‘Emergency red list’ targets Syria’s looted treasures

Ian Johnston

NBC News

10 September 2012


Restitution not crippling debt

The Egyptian Gazette

4 September 2012


Egypt rights group condemns newspaper confiscation

Ahram Online

22 August 2012


Syrian Conflict Imperils Historical Treasures

Patricia Cohen

New York Times

15 August 2012


Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia weaken nationalization effort

Al Arabiya

13 August 2012


Confiscation of Dostour newspaper raises fears over freedom of the press

Randa Ali

Ahram Online

12 August 2012


Qatar Confiscates Some Private Land for Public Use, QNA Says

Robert Tuttle


9 August 2012


Syria: Conflict and Looting Threaten Archeological Heritage

Daily Tatler

26 July 2012


Switzerland urged to restitute Tunisia funds swiftly

Middle East Online

29 May 2012


Bounty hunter on the trail of Arab Spring loot

Martin de Sa’Pinto


24 May 2012


Thousands of Libyans Struggle with Recovery of Property Confiscated by Qaddafi

Robert F. Worth

New York Times

13 May 2012


Mubarak Still Has His Billions

Cam McGrath


8 May 2012


Libya claims Saadi Gadaffi’s London mansion

Rana Jawad


30 March 2012


Libya wins case to reclaim Gadaffi’s London home

Cynthia O’Murchu

Financial Times

9 March 2012


Libya acts to seize £10m Gaddafi house in London

Nick Mathiason

The Guardian

2 March 2012




Libyans try to get back property seized by Gaddafi

Ian Black

The Guardian

4 November 2011


Oil companies fear nationalisation in Libya

Sylvia Pfeifer and Javier Blas

Financial Times

20 March 2011


Egyptians Can Claim Mubarak’s Stolen Billions

Julio Godoy


13 February 2011

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