Latin America and the Caribbean



Venezuela begins ‘occupation’ of private supermarket chain

Hannah Dreier 

Associated Press

3 February 2015


Despite detente, search for art looted in Cuba could take years

Alistair Bell


7 January 2015




Money Trumps Morality: Armenian-Canadian Businessmen Invest and Lose Millions in Totalitarian Cuba

Vilen Khlgatyan

Political Developments Research Center

28 October 2014


Stolen Peruvian Artifacts Returned by Customs Officials

Josh Niland


24 October 2014


An Update on the ‘Reforms’ in Cuba

Silvio Canto, Jr.

American Thinker

18 October 2014


Venezuela Ordered to Pay Exxon Mobil $1.6B over Asset Expropriation

Mark Hanrahan

International Business Times

10 October 2014


Paraguay’s Supreme Court issues ‘historic’ land ruling

The Guardian

7 October 2014


Cuantioso robo en Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba (in Spanish)

Ivette Leyva Martínez

Café Fuerte

26 February 2014


Theft of $1.8 million in baroque paintings a blow to Guatemalan art world

Benjamin Reeves

The Tico Times

22 February 2014


Doing Business with Castro’s Cuba

The Center for a Free Cuba

Capitol Hill Cubans

14 February 2014


Las inversiones en Cuba y el amor a la patria (in Spanish)

El Nuevo Herald

14 February 2014


Odebrecht’s Cuba Port at Center of Illegal Weapons Smuggling 

Capitol Hill Cubans

13 February 2014


State Department: Sanctions Are Important Tool of Cuba Policy

Capitol Hill Cubans

12 February 2014


Castro Accelerates Growth of Military Oligarchy

Capitol Hill Cubans

12 February 2014


New York Times unmasks selfish motives behind Castro’s ‘reforms’

Roger Noriega

AEI Ideas

12 February 2014


Cuba Arrests Opposition García-Pérez, Seizes Property

Latin American Herald Tribune

8 February 2014


UN court rules against Bolivia expropriation

Global Post

3 February 2014




Squatters successfully expropriate property from Dutch entrepreneurs

Inside Costa Rica

12 December 2013


‘YPF’s nationalization won’t solve Argentina’s energy crisis’

Federico Poore

Buenos Aires Herald

8 December 2013


Repsol board to accept $5 billion YPF deal on Wednesday: sources

Carlos Ruano & Tracy Rucinski

Reuters UK 

26 November 2013


Venezuela sends in troops to force electronics chain to charge ‘fair’ prices

Girish Gupta

Global Post

9 November 2013


Brazil’s Japanese community gets apology for abuse

Jonathan Watts

The Guardian

11 October 2013


Venezuela: Conoco invested USD 2.7 billion only

El Universal

10 October 2013


Pan American demands $1.5 bln from Bolivia for 2009 expropriation


9 October 2013


US dismisses expropriation case against Venezuela

El Universal

4 October 2013


YPF Stock Drops 51 Percent after Nationalization by Argentina

Patricia Rey Mallén

International Business Times

4 October 2013


Vieira trustee objects to expropriation

Analia Murias


25 September 2013


Venezuela Orders National Guard to Oversee Toilet Paper Factory

Nathan Crooks


20 September 2013


Billionaire’s Airport Bonds Sunk by Hangar Grab

Camila Russo


6 September 2013


Pemex board member disagrees with Repsol on YPF battles


6 September 2013


Venezuela seeks to compensate Conoco on the basis of USD 27 per barrel

Ernesto J. Tovar

El Universal

5 September 2013


Miami Arrest of Bolivian Anti-Corruption Head Vindicates Former Aerosur Owners, Says Attorney Michael Diaz, Jr.

Diaz Reus


5 September 2013


Venezuela rejects World Bank ruling on expropriation of US oil company 

Global Times

5 September 2013


Icsid terms “unlawful” expropriation at the Orinoco Oil Belt

Ernesto J. Tovar

El Universal 

4 September 2013


Lifting Sanctions Would Only Benefit Cuba’s Military Oligarchs

Dr. Javier Garcia-Bengochea

The Florida Times-Union 

2 September 2013


Andean church in Bolivia looted of priceless relics – again

Jamie Wetherbe

Los Angeles Times

27 August 2013


Pemex plan spreads an oily sheen over Mexico’s history

Amelia Kiddle

The Globe and Mail

14 August 2013


Vieira expropriation process continues 

Analia Murias


12 July 2013


Repsol secures Spanish court case over YPF expropriation

Tobias Buck & Jude Webber

Financial Times

11 July 2013


Cuba: Flap over late cultural figure’s estate

Andrea Rodriguez

Associated Press

4 July 2013


Investors press Repsol to strike deal over YPF expropriation

Miles Johnson & Jude Webber

Financial Times

24 June 2013


Cuba, home of the World’s oddest property market

John Arlidge

Financial Times

21 June 2013


Guardians of Peru’s Treasures Stake Out Post Office to Block Smuggling

William Neuman

New York Times

13 June 2013


COSEP concerned about expropriations by Nicaragua Canal

Tim Rogers

Nicaragua Dispatch

11 June 2013


Randazzo to announce nationalization of freight rail services

Buenos Aires Herald

4 June 2013


Argentina’s judicial reform: positive step or consolidation of power?

Jonathan Gilbert

Christian Science Monitor 

7 May 2013


Evo Morales calls on G-77 to nationalization

Prensa Latina

7 May 2013


Bolivia earns $16 bn from energy industry since nationalization

Global Post

2 May 2013


Peru demands the restitution of pre-Columbian works from the Barbier-Mueller Collection

Art Media Agency

4 March 2013


Bolivia’s Rare Bond Sale Proves a Warning to Yield Hunters

Nathan Gill and Veronica Navarro Espinosa

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

24 January 2013


Man, woman sentenced for trying to sell stolen Matisse in Miami


22 January 2013


Fighting Back as Mexican Churches Are Looted

Karla Zabludovsky

New York Times

15 January 2013


Venezuelan government seizes warehouses owned by Pepsi-Polar

El Universal

6 January 2013




Bolivia expropriates Spanish energy subsidiaries

Harold Meckle

Associated Press

30 December 2012


Venezuela VP Maduro Can Issue Debt, Seize Assets

Corina Pons and Nathan Crooks

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

26 December 2012


Repsol Sues Chevron over Argentine Shale Development

Andrew Harris


5 December 2012


Repsol presses charges against Chevron for making business with nationalized YPF


20 November 2012


Venezuelan Government Accelerates Land Expropriations

Chris Carlson


20 November 2012


Vieira Vessels prevented from setting sail

Analia Murias

FIS United States

15 November 2012


Energy Investors: Flee Argentina Posthaste

Aaron Levitt


13 November 2012


Argentine Judge Orders Chevron Asset Seizure, Plaintiffs

Pablo González


7 November 2012


Venezuelan official says shareholders will be paid fair price for expropriated steel maker

Fox News

31 October 2012


U.S. returns more than 4,000 stolen antiquities to Mexico

Richard Fausset

Los Angeles Times

25 October 2012


Brazil’s Rio State Rejects Manguinhos Offer, Will Expropriate Land

Jeff Fick

FOX News

23 October 2012


Art Theft Recovery: From Sting Operations to Trash Cans

Jeanine Ibrahim


20 September 2012


YPF CEO Unveils Five-Year Growth Plan in Argentina

John Biers

Fox Business

31 August 2012


Argentine Congress OKs state takeover of investigated firm


22 August 2012


Call to Nationalize Water in Chile

Prensa Latina

14 August 2012


Concerns in Spain about attempts to expropriate Vieira

Analia Murias


13 August 2012


Venezuela Gets Good Sign from Repsol on YPF Dispute, Chavez Says

Charlie Devereux and Nathan Crooks

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

10 August 2012


Paper mint

Buenos Aires Herald

9 August 2012


Despite Nationalizations, Bolivia’s Resource Sector Attracts Asian Investors

Marcelo Ballvé

World Politics Review

9 August 2012


Brazil Opens Roads to Privatization

Ken Rapoza


8 August 2012


Exterran Completes Sale of Nationalized Venezuelan Assets for $442 million


7 August 2012


Argentina aims to take over controversial currency-printer


7 August 2012


South American Silver Receives Official Notice of a Nationalization Decree and Plans Next Steps

Silver Investing News

3 August 2012


Ecuador president limits publicity to “friendly” media and raids magazine office

Merco Press

3 August 2012


Lichtenstein Painting, Missing for 42 Years, Surfaces in Warehouse

Robin Pogrebin

New York Times

1 August 2012


Mientras tanto, cierran la revista Vanguardia (in Spanish)

Voz de América

1 August 2012


Human Rights Court Rules in Favor of Kichwa Community against Ecuadorian Government

Barbara Fraser

Indian Country

28 July 2012


Court strikes down false land restitution claim

Victoria Rossi

Colombia Reports

20 July 2012


Topless Woman Found. Details Sketchy.

William Neuman

New York Times

19 July 2012


Brazilian masterminds art theft from behind bars

17 July 2012


No New Property Waiver for Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega

Ambassador Robert J. Callahan and Ray Walser, Ph.D.

The Heritage Foundation

12 July 2012


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement returns stolen and looted art and antiquities to Peru

13 July 2012


Paraguay’s Lugo Facing Impeachment Vote over Land Seizure

John Quigley

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

22 June 2012


Venezuelan antitrust law establishes the use of police forces

Karen Daza (Translator)

El Universal

24 May 2012


Notice of Termination of United States-Bolivia Bilateral Investment Treaty

Todd Kushner and Jonathan Kallmer

Federal Register

23 May 2012


Brazil house passes slave labor amendment

Marco Sibaja

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

22 May 2012


Argentina as No Claims-Nation Revealed in Repsol Losses: Energy

Nathan Crooks


14 May 2012


Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico: three ways to nationalize oil

Sara Miller Llana and Whitley Eulich

Christian Science Monitor

12 May 2012


So far, not so good

The Economist

12 May 2012


Despite takeovers, Total seeks Uruguay Oil


11 May 2012


Fitch: Venezuela Electricity Sector: A Case of Public Ownership

Wall Street Journal: Market Watch

10 May 2012


Spain Concerned about Expropriation in Latin America

Lauren Frayer


3 May 2012


Expropriations in Bolivia: Just when you thought it was safe

The Economist

3 May 2012


Bolivia Following Argentine Takeover Deepens Regional Divide

Veronica Navarro Espinosa and Daniel Cancel

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

2 May 2012


Red Electrica Expects Bolivia to Pay for Nationalization

Emma Ross-Thomas


2 May 2012


Spain slams Bolivia power grid nationalization

Daniel Woolls

Associated Press

2 May 2012


Spain demands payment for Bolivia asset snatch

Katell Abiven


1 May 2012


Bolivia’s president nationalized electrical grid

Carlos Valdez

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

1 May 2012


With Venezuela Food Shortages, Some Blame Price Controls

William Neuman

New York Times

20 April 2012


Ignoring Critics, Argentina to Nationalize Oil Firm

Corey Flintoff


19 April 2012


In Brazil and Elsewhere, Dismay at Argentina’s Nationalization Move

Simon Romero

New York Times

18 April 2012


Chávez threatens to nationalize banks failing to grant agricultural loans

Reyes Theis

El Universal

30 January 2012


Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez warns banks of nationalisation


29 January 2012


Venezuela ditching World Bank arbitration in nationalization disputes


26 January 2012


Venezuela shrinks nationalization payment to Exxon

Bryan Ellsworth and Mariana Parraga


2 January 2012


Venezuela to pay Exxon $255m in oil dispute


2 January 2012




Chávez Goes after the Islands of Venezuela’s Rich – and Their Yachts

Girish Gupta

Time Magazine

1 November 2011


Hugo Chávez orders seizure of British company’s land for Venezuelan state

The Guardian

30 October 2011


Che Guevara’s daughter asked Chávez to nationalize the press

El Universal

27 October 2011


President approves takeover of ferry service

El Universal

27 September 2011


Venezuela Moves to Take Over Gold Sector

Kejal Vyas and José de Cordoba

Wall Street Journal

18 August 2011


Chavez: Venezuela will nationalize gold mines, recall reserves


17 August 2011


Bolivian Miners Stop Nationalization Plan

Martin Arostegui

Wall Street Journal

1 May 2011


Chávez threatens to nationalize Banco Provincial

Rafael Rodríguez and Ocarina Espinoza

El Universal

26 January 2011




Venezuela to import cement from Cuba while local supplies falls

Mayela Armas

El Universal

21 December 2010


Towards state socialism: A wave of nationalisation promises scarcity and decline

The Economist

18 November 2010


Venezuela nationalizes private steel plant


1 November 2010


Venezuela to nationalize U.S.-owned bottle manufacturer

Mery Mogollon and Chris Kraul

Los Angeles Times

27 October 2010


Owens-Illinois: Venezuela to confiscate two plants

Sue Chang

Wall Street Journal: Market Watch

26 October 2010


Chávez’s government keeps seizing private properties

El Universal

15 October 2010


Venezuela to pay cement giant Holcim USD 650 million for seized assets

Gerardo Cárdenas (Translator)

El Universal

13 September 2010


Venezuela OKs payment for French retailer casino

Andrew Cawthorne


4 September 2010


Ecuador president imposes oil nationalization law

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

24 July 2010


Venezuela to nationalize U.S. firm’s oil rigs

Frank Jack Daniel


24 June 2010


Stop Hugo Chavez before it’s too late

Fernando Espuelas

Huffington Post

13 June 2010


Chávez expropriates Matesi and nationalizes NorPro

Alejandra M. Hernández F.

El Universal

17 May 2010


Bolivia Nationalizes Swiss Metal Smelter

Industry Week

3 May 2010


Bolivia Takes Over More Firms

Shane Romig and Matt Cowley

Wall Street Journal

3 May 2010


Update 2: Bolivia nationalizes four power companies

Diego Ore and Eduardo García


1 May 2010


Ecuador’s Correa to propose oil nationalization bill


17 April 2010


Update 2: Venezuela Chavez nationalizes French-owned retailer

Frank Jack Daniel


17 January 2010




Venezuela seizes five banks; liquidates other two

El Universal

4 December 2009


Venezuela’s Chavez steps up program to confiscate “idle land”


25 November 2009


Venezuela Catholic leaders fear Chavez’s property confiscations could target Church

Catholic News Agency

7 November 2009


Venezuela Nationalizes Country’s Third Largest Bank

Voice of America

2 November 2009


Update 2: Venezuela Chavez to nationalize Santander bank unit

Enrique Pretel


19 March 2009


Chavez orders nationalization of Cargill


4 March 2009


Bolivia nationalizes BP subsidiary


23 January 2009




Venezuela expropriated Mexican cement maker Cemex

El Universal

22 August 2008


Bolivia, Shell reach agreement in nationalization

John Donovan


9 August 2008


President Chávez to nationalize Banco de Venezuela

El Universal

1 August 2008


Chavez warns he could nationalize food companies

Brian Ellsworth


4 February 2008




Chávez paid for Bolivia’s gas nationalisation

Rory Carroll

The Guardian

22 March 2007


President Chávez threatens to nationalize food distribution chain

El Universal

14 February 2007




Bolivia’s Energy Takeover: Populism Rules in the Andes

Simon Romero and Juan Forero

New York Times

3 May 2006


Bolivia gas under state control

2 May 2006


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