East Asia and the Pacific



Taiwanese businesses in China hit by expropriations

Lauly Li

Taipei Times

27 October 2014


Cast of the bronze weaver

The Australian

22 October 2014


Vietnam anti-China protest: Factories burnt

BBC News

14 May 2014


The Cleveland Museum of Art says it has proof that its Hanuman sculpture was not looted from Prasat Chen in Cambodia

Steven Litt

The Plain Dealer

13 May 2014


U.S. to continue to return looted artifacts from abroad: HSI

The Korea Herald

12 May 2014


Campaign Underway to Demolish Christian Churches in China

Carol Wickenkamp

Epoch Times

29 April 2014


Import ban on Chinese art creates an uneven playing field

Kate Fitz Gibbon

The Art Newspaper

1 March 2014


‘Hired Thugs’ Fire on Farmers in Vietnam Land Dispute

Joshua Lipes

Voice of America 

11 February 2014


U.S. Agencies Return 3 Looted Sculptures to India

Benjamin Sutton

Blouin ArtInfo

15 January 2014




Cambodia’s Looted Art and Other Embarrassments

Luke Hunt

The Diplomat

26 December 2013


Chinese Regime Protects Land Grabs and Abuses in Mongolia

Carol Wickenkamp

Epoch Times

25 December 2013


China Considers Rule Change for Challenging Land Disputes

James T. Areddy

Wall Street Journal

24 December 2013


National Gallery of Australia refuses to follow suit on looted Indian art

Michaela Bond

The Australian 

18 December 2013


Poor farmers still forces from homes

Esther Htusan

The Vancouver Sun

12 October 2013


Myanmar farmers find little relief from land grabs 

Associated Press

12 October 2013


Vietnamese authorities step up campaign to control Catholic Church

Catholic World News

23 September 2013


Myanmar’s land-grab problem

Joseph J. Schatz

Bangkok Post

26 August 2013


Vietnam human rights bill approved by House

Tom Strode

Baptist Press

5 August 2013


Vietanam: Catholics beaten outside cathedral in Ho Chi Minh

Christian Today

2 August 2013 


Catholics Injured in Vietnam Crackdown on Prayers for Land 

Christian News Agency

2 August 2013


Vietnam’s human rights abuses receive congressional attention


31 July 2013


Farmers protest against land confiscation in downtown Yangon


10 July 2013


Ministry of Defence to investigate land confiscation


9 July 2013


Looted statues returned to China in Pinault donation

BBC News

28 June 2013


Govt land registration officials ignore land confiscation claims

Naw Hser Kler

Karen News 

24 June 2013


Smugglers use auction site to sell Korea’s cultural heritage

Bae Ji-Sook

Asia One News

17 June 2013


Govt land confiscation commission lacks teeth

Saw Nyunt Thaung

Karen News

7 June 2013


RMA a failure – especially on property rights, compensation

Frank Newman

The National Business Review 

7 June 2013


Colgate University to return aboriginal artwork to Australia

David Ng

Los Angeles Times 

8 May 2013


New York’s Met to return Cambodian sculptures

Global Post

3 May 2013


Still Vietnamese Refugees

Hoi Trinh

USA Today

28 April 2013


On trial and split apart, Vietnamese clan defiant

Chris Brummitt

Associated Press

2 April 2013


China may end long-hated labor re-education camps

Didi Tang

Associated Press

12 March 2013




China to amend law to curb land expropriation

Yang Lina


4 December 2012 


Claims of Looting Shadow Expert in Khmer Art

Tom Mashberg

New York Times

12 December 2012


Looted relic on auction in France

Chang Meng

Global Times

7 December 2012


End to Life in the Fast Lane: House in middle of motorway in China is demolished after duck farmer owner agrees to move on

Rob Williams

The Independent

3 December 2012


Apple appeals China Encyclopedia copyright court ruling

Hou Qiang


14 November 2012


CPC moves to solve land disputes

China Daily

9 November 2012


Protests Continue for Confiscated Farms and Land

Zarni Mann

The Irrawaddy

2 November 2012


Cambodia Vs. Sotheby’s in a Battle over Antiquities

Anthony Kuhn


23 October 2012


Intellectual property, man’s original solitude

Alex Ferdinand S. Fider

BusinessWorld Online

23 October 2012


Academic advocates global cooperation in return of cultural properties

Bae Ji-Sook

The Korea Herald

17 October 2012


Uyghur Family Home Bulldozed

Mamatjan Juma (trans. by Richard Finney)

Radio Free Asia

11 October 2012


Art Gallery of NSW hosts talk about organised crime and art theft

James Gorman

Central Sydney

28 September 2012


Negotiations falter over Yangon industrial zone compensation

Noe Noe Aung

Myanmar Times

3 September 2012


Web Snares Vietnam as Bloggers Spread Protests over Land

Stuart Grudgings

The Jakarta Globe

20 August 2012


Idle land contributing to peat fires will be confiscated immediately

Elan Perumal

The Star

16 August 2012


Australian Lawyer Doesn’t Remember Stealing Thousands of Dollars Worth of Art

Lucas Kavner

Huffington Post

16 August 2012


Vietnam land dispute sets off rampage

Asia Daily Wire

16 August 2012


Vietnam officials ‘seriously injured’ in land row

Bangkok Post

16 August 2012


Provinces Return Rice Farms

Rachel Vandenbrink

Radio Free Asia

14 August 2012


Dissident Blogger Jailed

Rachel Vandenbrink

Radio Free Asia

9 August 2012


Asset sale goals expected to be met

Diane Claire J. Jiao

Business World

8 August 2012


No evidence artworks stolen: NSW gallery

World News Australia

6 August 2012


Shady dealer sold art to AGNSW

Michaela Boland

The Australian

6 August 2012


Triple compensation for Tiyan land


27 July 2012


MPs Form Committee to Probe Land Grabs

Lawi Weng

The Irrawaddy

25 July 2012


Vietnam jails three land rights campaigners

Bangkok Post

17 July 2012


City confiscated 8ha following land violations

Vietnam News

7 July 2012


Big-Four Tobacco Companies’ Fight Against Plain-Packaging Legislation

Caroline Jamet

Intellectual Property Brief

30 May 2012


Property compensation review

Julian Luke

The Land

28 May 2012


China’s rural villages hardly the classless egalitarian paradise espoused by Mao

Public Radio International

26 May 2012


Analysis: China’s new privatization plan faces push-back risk

Kevin Yao


25 May 2012


Land conflicts stunt Vietnam urban planning dreams

Mike Ives

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

24 May 2012


From Mao to ‘money worship’

Steve Chapman


24 May 2012


Documenting China’s lost history of famine

Michael Bristow


24 May 2012


Teenage girl killed in land clash

Joshua Lipes

Radio Free Asia

16 May 2012


UN urges Cambodia to hold companies to account over land disputes

Mark Tran

The Guardian

14 May 2012


Tepco’s nationalisation: State power

The Economist

11 May 2012


Out of struggle, a new direction

Trangdai Glassey-Tranguyen

Sacramento Bee

6 May 2012


Vietnam dissident has jail appeal rejected

Bangkok Post

5 May 2012




Capitalism confined

The Economist

3 September 2011




Vietnam officials continue confiscation of church land

Catholic News Agency

28 September 2009




Vietnamese police beat AP reporter, begin to bulldoze former nunciature

Catholic News Agency

19 September 2008


Police beat and shock Catholic protesters in Hanoi

Catholic News Agency

30 August 2008


Vietnamese bishop protests government destruction of monastery to build hotel

Catholic News Agency

21 May 2008


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