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Despite detente, search for art looted in Cuba could take years

Alistair Bell


7 January 2015




Return Our Churches: Murder, Theft and Denial

Tania C. Mastrapa 

Crisis Magazine

31 October 2014


Restitution law: Interesting and useful to the few who understand it

Ward Farnsworth

Washington Post

27 October 2014


Venezuela Ordered to Pay Exxon Mobil $1.6B over Asset Expropriation

Mark Hanrahan

International Business Times

10 October 2014


Federal agents go on the hunt for stolen treasures

Vinita Nair

CBS News

6 May 2014


Authorities to Seize a Roman Statue in Queens That They Say Was Stolen

Tom Mashberg

New York Times

27 February 2014


Prominent art dealer: Paintings stolen from Cuba’s National Museum of Fine Arts now in Miami

David Smiley 

Miami Herald

27 February 2014


Cuantioso robo en Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba (in Spanish)

Ivette Leyva Martínez

Café Fuerte

26 February 2014


FBI and Amherst’s Mead Art Museum Reopen 40-Year-Old Art Theft Case

Ashton Cooper

Blouin Artinfo

25 February 2014


Shameless Communist Propaganda from the Left

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Canada Free Press

16 February 2014


The opposite of perestroika

The Augusta Chronicle

15 February 2014


Bid to find Nazi-looted art led by Lethbridge gallery director

CBC News

10 February 2014


US museums’ about-face on restitution

Julia Halperin & Javier Pes

The Art Newspaper

6 February 2014




Critics say U.S. museums holding onto Nazi looted art

Jesse Singal

USA Today

21 December 2013


‘Creeping expropriation’ and other headaches in global trade

Susan Smith

Globe and Mail

19 December 2013


US Bishops protest against demolition of Church property in Holy Land

Independent Catholic News 

8 December 2013


Russia’s mysteries on display at NC Museum of History

David Menconi

News Observer

12 October 2013


Eminent Domain Abuse is Making a Comeback

John K. Ross


12 October 2013


The Cleveland Museum of Art wades into global controversy over antiquities collecting with exhibition and catalog on its ancient bronze Apollo

Steven Litt

The Plain Dealer

27 September 2013


U.S. Returns Stolen Afghan Artifacts

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty 

10 September 2013


San Diego Writer on Mission to Find Missing Van Gogh

Marissa Cabrera and Maureen Cavanaugh


4 September 2013


Lifting Sanctions Would Only Benefit Cuba’s Military Oligarchs

Dr. Javier Garcia-Bengochea

The Florida Times-Union 

2 September 2013


Private Property is the Essence of Liberty

Ron Paul

Mises Daily

23 August 2013


9th Circuit Doubleheader on Nazi-Plundered Art

Matt Reynolds

Courthouse News Service

23 August 2013


Tolkien’s Farmer Giles of Ham: Hero for Our Time? 

Peter Freeman

Crisis Magazine

9 August 2013


Monet print stolen in $5 million Rancho Santa Fe art theft

Tony Perry

Los Angeles Times

6 August 2013


Florida Man Convicted of Selling Stolen Art and Evading the Payment of Federal Income Taxes Sentenced to More Than Seven Years in Prison

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

12 July 2013


Museums Faulted on Restitution of Nazi-Looted Art

Patricia Cohen

New York Times

30 June 2013


US Congressman press for return of church property from Romanian gov’t


14 June 2013


Florida expands Holocaust restitution program

Rochelle Koff

Miami Herald

13 June 2013


Supreme Court rules landowners entitled to compensation for CapX 2020 line

David Unze

SC Times 

29 May 2013


Prized stolen art frequently resurfaces after decades

Todd Wallack

The Boston Globe

10 May 2013


Colgate University to return aboriginal artwork to Australia

David Ng

Los Angeles Times 

8 May 2013


California church faces setback in legal battle for property

Christian Today

7 May 2013


New York’s Met to return Cambodian sculptures

Global Post

3 May 2013


Washington County church property dispute lands in appeals court

Ann Rodgers

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

18 April 2013


ICE returns stolen Virgin Mary tapestry to Spain

Global Post

17 April 2013


The Gardner Museum Theft: Reward Offered for Return of Artwork

 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

18 March 2013


LEE: Private property rights at stake in AIG shareholder case

Michael Justin Lee

Washington Times

17 March 2013


Man, woman sentenced for trying to sell stolen Matisse in Miami


22 January 2013


Russia Warns of Retaliation over U.S. Ruling on a Jewish Collection

David M. Herszenhorn

New York Times

17 January 2013


Holocaust-Era Looted Art

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

U.S. Department of State

16 January 2013




Claims of Looting Shadow Expert in Khmer Art

Tom Mashberg

New York Times

12 December 2012


Stolen Art Worth $5 million Seized at Port Newark

Amelia Pang

The Epoch Times

5 December 2012


Police recover pieces of stolen Utah sculptures, make arrest in another heist

Michael McFall

The Salt Lake Tribune

5 December 2012


Nazi-Loot Panel Hopes Fade in U.S., Forcing Court Action

Catherine Hickley

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

28 November 2012


Scarsdale BOT Considers Changes to Historic Preservation Law

Scarsdale 10583

21 November 2012


Philly Plans Eminent Domain to Displace Private Projects with City Ones

J.D. Tuccille


14 November 2012


Apple appeals China Encyclopedia copyright court ruling

Hou Qiang


14 November 2012


Robert Gentile, Connecticut Mobster, May Plead Guilty in Largest Art Heist in History

Dave Collins

Huffington Post

13 November 2012


County Voters Ignore Democratic Warnings, Support Eminent-Domain Amendment

Scott McCaffrey

Sun Gazette

8 November 2012


Cambodia trying to reassert ownership of potentially looted cultural artifacts

Public Radio International

8 November 2012


Chilliwack to expropriate the Irwin Block

Jennifer Feinberg

Chilliwack Progress

8 November 2012


Nazi-Looted Posters to Go on Sale After Return to Heir

Catherine Hickley


4 November 2012


U.S. returns more than 4,000 stolen antiquities to Mexico

Richard Fausset

Los Angeles Times

25 October 2012


Vote yes on amendment

The Virginian-Pilot

24 October 2012


Cambodia Vs. Sotheby’s in a Battle over Antiquities

Anthony Kuhn


23 October 2012


Obama’s property grab can’t stand

Adam Freedman

Charleston Daily Mail

12 October 2012


Woman forced to live with squatter in her Detroit home

Ron Recinto

The Lookout

12 October 2012


Heritage preservation ordinance still in the works

Edie Grossfield

The Post-Bulletin

4 October 2012


Parkview community battles over preserving church

David Alpert

Greater Greater Washington

2 October 2012


Jacksonville’s Cummer Museum to Return Nazi-Looted Meissen Porcelain

Reid Singer

Blouin ArtInfo

1 October 2012


Ahead of 2013 show of looted Benin artefacts, U.S. museum plots legitimacy

The Guardian Nigeria

Tajudeen Sowole

28 September 2012


Flea-market Renoir allegedly was stolen from Baltimore museum; auction cancelled

Ian Shapira

Washington Post

27 September 2012


$3M Ben Franklin bust is back; housekeeper arrested

Bonnie L. Cook

The Philadelphia Inquirer

26 September 2012


Gundlach art theft: An expert weighs in

Pat Benson

Los Angeles Times

25 September 2012


New Top Ten Art Crime: Reward Offered for Stolen Renoir Painting

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

18 September 2012


What is eminent domain?

Superior Telegram

31 August 2012


Group of Seven art missing after Toronto gallery robbery

Timothy Appleby

The Globe and Mail

31 August 2012


“Religious Question” Doctrine is the Answer to Episcopal Church Property Dispute

Liberty Institute

Sacramento Bee

30 August 2012


Ex-household staffer sought in $3M Bryn Mawr art theft

Jonathan Lai and Bonnie L. Cook

The Inquirer

26 August 2012


Texas judge rules in favor of TransCanada in eminent domain case

Michael S. Williamson

Washington Post

23 August 2012


Oak Bluffs turns to eminent domain to remove roundabout hurdles

Steve Myrick

Martha’s Vineyard Times

22 August 2012


Community farm threatened by eminent domain and restoration project

Jessica Porter


16 August 2012


Vero Beach man found guilty of art theft, tax evasion in California case

Elliot Jones


 15 August 2012


Maine lawmaker puts brakes on east-west highway

Boston Globe

13 August 2012


Cleveland Museum of Art buys important ancient Roman and Mayan antiquities

Steven Litt

The Plain Dealer

12 August 2012


Cat burglar steals silver snail, giraffe in Miami Beach art heist

Juan Ortega

Sun Sentinel

9 August 2012


Fannie Regulator May Seek to Block Eminent Domain Seizures

Jody Shenn

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

8 August 2012


Art Dealer Hit with Fraud Indictment

Edmund H. Mahoney

Hartford Courant

8 August 2012


Missing art leads to fraud charge against St. Paul man

Dan Browning

Star Tribune

7 August 2012


Stolen: Naples artist faces a tough battle to fight forgeries of her work

Harriet Howard Heithaus

Naples Daily News

2 August 2012


Lichtenstein Painting, Missing for 42 Years, Surfaces in Warehouse

Robin Pogrebin

New York Times

1 August 2012


Convention center uses eminent domain to seize 5.5-acre site

Greg Turner

Boston Herald

1 August 2012


Private property rights campaign launched in Virginia

Southeast Farm Press

31 July 2012


Candidates mostly oppose Greenway

Shannon Prather

Star Tribune

31 July 2012


Eminent domain plan gaining support

Andrew S. Ross

San Francisco Chronicle

31 July 2012


There’s a Huge Black Market for Art and Collectibles Stolen from the Rich

Jessica Joseph

Business Insider

31 July 2012


Museums Studying Dealer’s Artifacts

Rob Pogrebin and Kevin Flynn

New York Times

27 July 2012


Paintings by iconic Quebec abstract artist stolen from his studio

Max Harrold

Global Edmonton

26 July 2012


Idaho court backs state in eminent domain case

Jaclyn Brandt

23 July 2012



Pipelines unhappy with Texas eminent domain ruling

Chris Tomlinson

23 July 2012


The first step toward land seizures?

Vin Suprynowicz

Las Vegas Review-Journal

22 July 2012


Potential use of eminent domain for gas pipeline hard to swallow

Herald and News

21 July 2012


Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts Urged to Return Looted Artifacts to Nigeria

Huffington Post

20 July 2012


Topless woman Found. Details Sketchy.

William Neuman

New York Times

19 July 2012


Seizures May Be Cities’ Last Hope in Mortgage Crisis

Amir Sufi


18 July 2012


Can Eminent Domain Save the Housing Market?

Dan Caplinger


16 July 2012


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement returns stolen and looted art and antiquities to Peru

13 July 2012


The EPA and Private Property

Steven F. Hayward

Hillsdale College: Kirby Center Lecture Series

12 July 2012


Why you can’t use eminent domain to buy performing mortgages

Felix Salmon


9 July 2012


Bank, Bond Groups Join to Oppose Eminent Domain on Mortgages

Al Yoon

Wall Street Journal

29 June 2012


Legal team to review expropriation notice

Ernst Kuglin


30 May 2012


Eminent domain case hangs on

Chris Knight

Adirondack Daily Enterprise

30 May 2012


Siemens, Technicolor, Google, IBM: Intellectual Property

Victoria Slind-Flor


30 May 12


Coal miner Cline sues British Columbia for C$500m+ in compensation

Dorothy Kosich


30 May 2012


New Products Corporation Raises Awareness During Senior PGA in Benton Harbor

Wall Street Journal: Market Watch

29 May 2012


EEZ: Scourge, savior or waster of time

Steve Spellman

Columbia Missourian

29 May 2012


Osky City Council Settles Eminent Domain Case

R.D. Keep

Oskaloosa News

29 May 2012


One of the biggest votes we’re going to have

Stephen LaMarca

Hudson Reporter

27 May 2012


Virginia voters will decide future of eminent domain

Jim Ridolphi

Midlothian Exchange

26 May 2012


Limits to Silverthorne’s power of eminent domain goes to a vote

Janice Kurbjun

Summit Daily

24 May 2012


Compensate property owners, urge Reid and Hillier

Chris Must

Perth EMC

24 May 2012


Lawsuit challenges Nebraska’s pipeline review law

Josh Funk

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

23 May 2012


Don’t abuse eminent domain use

Benjamin M. Haber

Times Ledger

21 May 2012


Chesterfield resident fired up over eminent domain ‘threat’

Alix Bryan


21 May 2012


Eminent case tied to Project Neon settled

Hubble Smith

Las Vegas Review-Journal

18 May 2012


Councilman Michael Russo ‘uncomfortable’ using eminent domain for park space

Stephen LaMarca

Hudson Reporter

18 May 2012


Eminent domain easily abused in the hands of developers

Bob Harris

Times Ledger

11 May 2012


Are Milwaukee’s Historic Preservation Laws Too Strong or Too Weak? Yes

Dave Reid

Urban Milwaukee

3 April 2012


Sackett v. EPA: Supreme Court Takes Up Property Rights Case

Paul J. Larkin, Jr.

The Foundry

9 January 2012




Privatising Amtrak: A modest proposal

The Economist

26 June 2011




The Abuse of Historic Preservation

Dave Reid

Urban Milwaukee

9 July 2009

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